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Most Epic Engagement Session Austin, Texas | Jenna & Jared

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Due to the pandemic, we had decided to do a fun and intimate engagement session somewhere not many people would be around. As Jared has been living in Austin for his work, he suggested we did our session in Austin, Texas. Two locations we had in mind were Butler Metro Park and Lake Travis.

It was a sunny day when we arrived at Butler Metro Park. We got there 2 hours before the session to check out location and plan our shoot. It was an absolutely beautiful park with magnificent skyline view in our background!

*** Me and my beautiful wife/assistant 🥰

According to the plan, Jenna, Jared and I would spend an hour here and then we move on to the next location which was " You are my Butter Half " Mural. The storm rolled in when we almost finished.

The rain was pouring hard. I thought we would have given up our next location to wait for the rain to be over but this down to earth couple was all in in this. We ended up photographing under the rain. I cannot tell you how fun it was and for sure we got some epic artworks!:)

The next location was a hidden gem in Austin, the Comanche Trail. The highway that leaded us to Jared's place was crazily awesome. On the left is the view of Lake Travis and on the right is hills and mountains. The drive was breathtaking for sure. I have never been to this location before in my life even though I had traveled to Austin, TX quite often.

As much excited as we were, we went straight in our session. We got in the water having a great time together. The water was warm but the heat of their passionate love was even warmer! I am glad I had the once of a lifetime opportunity to capture such an amazing and down to earth couple. This trip engraved in my heart some unforgettable memories till this day!😍❤️

Here is how our session went:

Here are some of the behind the scenes:) ENJOY!


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