A lovely wedding at Ella's Garden in Tomball, Texas / Jenna & Jared

When I first sat down and chat with them back in January, I still remember Jenna had her gaming headphone on listening to us while Jared had all excitement on his face talking about their day. The call went on for almost an hour. I got to know a lot about their personality, their family and what they value most for their wedding. I am glad I met Jenna and Jared because they are one of the most fun and loving couples I have ever met! We did a crazy epic Engagement session in Austin, TX together. You can see it here! After almost a year of planning and communicating, the long awaited yet the most important day of their life is here.

Their Story:

Jenna and Jared met at the Texas A&M university in late August 2015. They pretty quickly hit it off, but " my wake-up call came when I took her out to dinner to celebrate her birthday and got to hug her at the end. Now, I've hugged a lot of women in my time, but that hug I gave her felt like it audibly clickedit felt like home", Jared said

From there, it wasn't exactly a whirlwind romancethat is, until Jared asked Jenna to go steady with him on the 9th of December 2015. Then the whirlwind picked up and never really stopped, even though they spent a little over three years as a long-distance couple. Finally, Jared proposed to Jenna on the 28th of December 2019.

Almost a year of conversation and planning, the big date was finally here. Jenna and Jared got married on November 14, 2021 at Ella's Garden.

Their wedding was a perfect size wedding. Most importantly, the people they love were there to celebrate with them.

As we arrived at Ella's garden, the place was beautifully decorated with fresh white and blue flowers. It was peacefully set up just like the way Jenna and Jared wanted. They were looking for something simple, yet elegant that represents them.

Before I share with you about the wedding, can I tell you about Jenna though?! she was such a gorgeous bride. She looked stunning in her wedding dress just like an angel from heaven. Her beautiful blue eyes were just melting anything in her way. Kudos to Exquisite Reflections for making our bride even more gorgeous with their glamorous makeup skills! Here are some of my favorites from an early Bridal session before the ceremony:

On the other hand, Jared was as dapper as he could be for his bride. In addition to that, his fun and loving personality made him the most charming groom on earth!

Finally, this lovely wedding had started with an intimate prayer right before the ceremony in the beautiful garden of Ella's estate. All plannings, excitements, and anticipations were paid off. Everything went so beautifully and smoothly that I seriously forgot about the time. Jenna and Jared had the time of their life dancing, and sharing the affectionate love for each other. Surrounding by close friends and family, it was the most beautiful day for them and I am honored to be there to capture every moments of this lovely couple's big day. Seeing Jenna and Jared having a great time without worrying about anything else on their wedding day was all I ever wanted. I can say our mission was completed. Congrats to you two!

Talented Vendors:

Ella's garden

Floral Concepts By Cynthia

Exquisite Reflections

Bavarian Cakery Houston