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Destination Engagement Session in Colorado | Quyen & Brian

This was another trip to Colorado this year. I cannot get enough with it! Maybe next time it would be in warmer weather LOL. Though, it was an awesome trip with Quyen and Brian! From planning to executions, everything was perfect and we had a blast!

We got to Colorado on Thursday and headed straight to Strawberry Hot Spring area which was our planned location. It was a cold and sunny day which was just perfect for our 4 hours drive. The mesmerizing scenery of Colorado always amazed me. Colorado is a special place for Quyen and Brian because this is the place they visit every year for their vacation. They love to snow-board and to travel.

Quyen and Brian have been together for 10 years. They have a daughter, Skye, together. This trip was an awesome opportunity to showcase the love of their family at a special location. On July 24, 2021 they will be finally tied the knots on the island Islamodara of Florida. We cannot be more excited about this day!

What are some challenges for our trip?

Obviously the cold! Everything is harder for us to do in the cold. However, with closely planning, we managed to successfully capture some of the most amazing images for Quyen and Brian!

Every trip is a new experience, but I love it because of what I share with the couples. We bond more than just a photographer and clients. We are buddies. We share joy, happiness and laughters together. And at the end, when we all sit down in my studio to look at all the moments we capture on the trip, it is all worth it.

Here is how the engagement session went:


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