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Romantic Surprised Engagement Marriott Marquis Hotel, Houston || Cici & Meredith

Cici came to me last year during the pandemic with a great excitement to propose to her lovely girlfriend, Meredith. As we sat down and chat about everything, I found that this relationship was rather a unique story to tell. Like many other LGBTQ couples, family beliefs are always an obstacle for Cici and Meredith. But they found love and pushed through every obstacle on their way to happiness. And finally they are here! Cici loves Meredith so much, that she had to plan this surprised engagement 9 months in advance. She picked out the perfect ring with the color that matched with Meredith favorite color. We talked and elaborated ideas after ideas and the Marriott Marquis Houston arrived to be our location for their engagement.

In the heart of Houston Downtown, Marriott Marquis is one of the most exquisite hotels in Houston. It has a Texas Shape pool, and an absolute gorgeous view of the skyline.

After months of preparation, from location scouting to assisting both of them with outfits choice ( You can find the Styling Guides here!) the day finally came. Cici lead Meredith into a staycation. They checked in to the Marquis a day before the actual event. And Meredith had no idea what Cici and our team were up to.

The morning came. Our team arrived at 6:00am. As Cici and Meredith were getting their makeup done, we headed to the pool area to set up and got ready for this important event. Meredith had an impression that we would just had a photo session by the pool but she did not know that Cici would be proposing to her on that day.

Everything happened as planned. Both of them headed to the pool area and we were already waiting. I had them at the open balcony with the downtown view behind them. I asked Meredith to look at me because we were supposed to play a game. And there goes Cici! She got on her knees and proposed to Meredith. The moment we have been waiting for all this time!

What a beautiful moment I got to capture! All the anticipations and months of planning were totally worth it. The day had made of happiness, joy and tears. It was a memorable day for us. Congratulations again Cici and Meredith! I love you both!


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