Thy Linh and Vu's Wedding || The Pavillon, Lafayette, LA

Updated: Jan 29

This was the first time we ever photograph a wedding in Lafayette, LA. Besides the exciting places we got to visit, the foods, the people were so fasinating that we did not want to leave this place.

January 18th, 2021, we got asked to join our friend Passion Studio ( Sacramento, CA) to photograph Thy Linh and Vu's Wedding. We knew it would be an amazing opportunity. Thy Linh and Vu are passionate individuals. They are so loving. They love their friends, their families and each other.

They had planned this Wedding quite sometime. The Pavillon, Lafayette, LA was their choice and it was a beautiful venue. As we arrived in Lafayette, we had started our day with Thy Linh and Vu. The traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony went on at their parents' houses and it was so emotional that we could not keep our tears from falling. Thy Linh was is her traditional Wedding Ao Dai for the first time in front of both families and Vu. She was beautiful.

As the day unfold, we planned to have their portrait session at a beautiful Building of Lafayette University right after ceremony at Church. It was a beautiful day to start off. But the rain came and heavy poured during our portrait session. Though, we could not finish our session as we planned, but we managed to have a great time and captured every moments under the rain. it was unexpectedly fun!

Sometimes, events happen in our life meant for us to remember. And it was exactly for Thy Linh and Vu's Wedding. We love it because we were able to share the experience with them. We now can say, we have been there, we have witness their day and moreover, we have captured it the way it was supposed to be for Thy Linh and Vu.