Sapphire Point Overlook, Colorado engagement session | Gabriela & Crystal

Gabriela and Crystal approached us a few months ago desperately looking for someone who is different and give them an unique experience for their wedding journey. They did not want a traditional and uninspired wedding photography. As we discussed about what they were dreaming of, we found that we would be a perfect match for their big day! Their wedding will be on Oct 1st, 2021 at two awesome Houston wedding venues which are The Bell Tower on 34th and D'Gala Event center. It will be a celebration not only for them but also for the people who matter to heir life. They will dedicate this whole day and energy to make this day the most memorable day of their life. we can't wait!

How did this engagement happen? Well, I was not expecting it to be this epic:). When we discussed about engagement session, Gabriela and Crystal expressed their dream location would be somewhere that has mountain and snow. Our choices were California and Denver, Colorado since I have been to these two states quite often, I know exactly the perfect locations for engagement session. Though California was an awesome option, we decided to Denver, Colorado would be our destination. Honestly, even though I have been on many destination engagement trips, I still get super excited to plan for this amazing trip!

After weeks of planning, exchanging ideas, and helping Gabriela and Crystal to pick out the best outfits for the session ( Check out our Styling Guides for Engagement Sessions!), we finally headed out on March 22, 2021 to Denver, CO. As we arrived on the first day, the weather was fairly beautiful. The temperature was below 20 degree. It was partly cloudy enough for the sun to peak out and give us a nice warm touch. After checking in to our hotel, we headed to Sapphire Point Overlook to scout and plan for our for shoot. It was a perfect day! As excited as we were, we got there, we played with snow like kids got to the play ground. And then snow started to fall. It was like a fairy tale dream! We were amazed by it that we forgot how cold It was.

First day was fun. we wrapped up, got comfortable, and got ready for the next day.

Early morning March 23, 2021, approximately 9:00am, we started with Gabriela makeup and getting ready. Let me tell you this girl is FIRE! I love her look. Thanks Beauty Mark By Kacie for fabulous magic touches on Gabriela!

As we were all ready, we packed up and headed to Sapphire Point Overlook for our session. The sun was out and warm earlier then started to get cloudy again. It was an hour drive to the location from our hotel. About half way there, snow started to fall heavily. We were going through a snow storm. It was too heavy to the point I could not see the road. On the way there I was praying it would go away so we could have a successful session like we planned. But no luck.

We can never get what we want the way we want in life, isn't it true? :) Snow was heavier and heavier every mile we get closer to the location. We all worried because we had invested so much energy and time for this session. But we stayed calm. We waited at a gas station for the snow storm to go away but time didn't allow us to wait. we wanted to make sure we have good lighting before it got dark. We decided to get out of that area, and hopefully it was not affected by the snow storm maybe 5 miles ahead.

Then we drove. And there was a plain field with no falling snow! We quickly jumped out of the car and got to work. We shot as much and as fast as we could. Then snow started to fall heavily again. We got back in the car and drove away back to our initial location again. We got out and shot again in the next area where there was no falling snow. It was a hassle but it was fun! Finally, we made it to Sapphire Point Overlook. It was lighter snow rain there. This is our main location, we had to make this work. While Gabriela and Crystal were changing into their second outfits, we set up our cameras ready to go. Snow did not stop. It kept falling harder and harder. We shot in the freezing cold weather. It was harsh but somehow we manage to finish. We were all exhausted and freezing but happy at the same time. Big shoutout the our couple and the amazing crew members for sticking through this challenge and made this a success. I cannot thank enough for everyone's efforts! It was worth it after all. Here is how it went:

Here is the Behind The Scene of the journey:

Location: Sapphire Point Overlook

HMUA: Beauty Mark By Kacie