David & Van's Anniversary | Southern California | Always Us Studios

Updated: Jan 29

Six years ago, they met at a local restaurant and never thought they would be building a family together for the rest of their life six years later. David is an easy going, career driven person, with a strong and straight forward personality. On the other hand, Van is a daughter of God. She is gentle, fun, rebellious at times, and emotional. Their personalities are not great match. They crashed and fought many times due to the differences in opinions and points of view. But Six years have passed, they are still going strong. They are loving and care for each other no matter what.

They got married in January 2019. Today was the one year anniversary of their marriage. California is always a favorite place for them to visit. They love hiking, taking road trips to different parts of California. From mountains to desert and ocean, they always drove together. This photo session was a brief story of their journey. A new chapter of their life together as a family. Let's celebrate with them!

And remember, every relationship is a working progress. No one is perfect. Look at the goodness of each other during rough times to go through life together. Because life is too short to live unhappy. Love each other and love the life we live in! Cheers!