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Chateau Crystale Latin Wedding / Darcy & Carlos

"Our story begins coincidentally on facebook. We both shared a mutual friend. Carlos noticed a picture this good friend uploaded to facebook that included Darcy. Carlos being the risk taker decided to message Darcy and thus begin a online friendship. Carlos is originally from Cuba, and at the time only had three years living in Houston, TX. Darcy decided to welcome him into the friendship circle and show him the sights, but due to his work hours it proved difficult to meet up.

Finally!! One day the stars aligned and Carlos was headed to Darcy's favorite latin dance club. He invited her to meet him and his friends. Darcy made one phone call to the la comadre and off they went. Carlos was shy and quiet, but Darcy dragged him out on the dance floor and danced the night away. Little did she know he's not one to usually dance.

After the initial meeting, Carlos and Darcy stayed in irregular contact and didn't see each other for about four months. Darcy had a professional exam she was focused on passing and she dedicated all her spare time to study or visit family. Dating was not on her mind. Carlos waited patiently.

On New year's Eve 2017, Darcy's best friend was in town and dragged her out of the house. No one stays home for New Year's in her book. Carlos was miles away at a party with his friends. That night Darcy wished Carlos a Happy New Year! and the communication never stopped after that. The 2018 New Year brought Darcy a man filled with so much love and understanding. Little by little Carlos won her over and they've never looked back!

Today they have managed to move forward despite the adversities of life, thanks to the values they have gained over time such as mutual communication, respect and most importantly love. God our Lord offers them a future in which they can enjoy fruits that are the children, descendants or legacy that one day will be gifts of wisdom and love."

The story was told during our first meeting, and it was so vivid that I could see sparkles in Darcy's eyes when she told us the story.

Even though, it was during the Pandemic, this the first part of this Houston wedding was the most passionate and fun wedding I have ever photographed. The loving guests and family members made it even more welcoming for our team to be there. People came to celebrate Darcy & Carlos's one of the most important day of their life!

The day went rather smoothly than we expected. We started at the Indigo Hotel in the Galley area for their getting ready. Then we headed to St. Joseph Catholic Church for the ceremony and finished off at Chateau Crystale wedding venue for the celebration. The day was full of love, joy and happiness for Darcy and Carlos. We had a great time dancing and capturing their wedding. I would totally do it again if you ask me! We cannot wait for the second part of the celebration in Cuba!

Here is how it went:

Talented Vendors:

Cake: M.E.B Cake

Music: Dj Rudy

Lighting & Photo Booth: Increevents

Stage backdrop & Seating: Let's celebrate

HMUA: Smkbeauty

Wedding Bands: Mark Broumand


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