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Engagement Session in Washington D.C | Amanda & Ben

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

The engagement session with Amanda and Ben was rather a spontaneous trip that we never thought we would have done. The initial plan was to have their engagement session in Houston when they both come back in the U.S from Japan. Then conversations happened, we decided to go to Washington D.C where Ben currently resides and goes to school for his Master at the Georgetown University ! I know right?! I was super excited about this trip.

As our team arrived in Baltimore on October 22, 2020, the weather was amazing. The cool breeze, beautiful sun and fall colored leaves were exactly what we came here for. After resting and getting settled, we went out to check out our locations for the shoot immediately the next day. For every shoot, we always wanted to make sure we could be familiar with the environment and also to plan out our shots before hand. Two locations for the shoot were: The Georgetown University and The Great Falls National park.

If you have never been to the Georgetown University, you have to! I have never seen such a place like this my entire life. Most of the buildings are beautifully designed and has the classic feel to it. The fall weather had enhanced this already-magnificent-landscaping. This place is definitely a place to visit if you ever come to Washington D.C

Our next location was the Great Falls national park. By the name of it, you can already guess what it is known for:). The grand water falls, beautiful oak trees and rocky cliffs make this park an awesome place for engagement sessions and outdoor activities. We spent more than two hours here just to look for the perfect spots and plan our shoot because there were so many great options available!

Then, the shooting day had come. We all waited for this day! Most couples would be a little shy right before the shoot. However with a few prompts and plays I gave to Amanda and Ben, it didn't take much time for them to get comfortable in front of the camera. They got right in. They were so much fun, loving and passionate. I am thankful that we were able to capture their love in the most unique way. We were pretty much everywhere, from the city to forrest , up on the cliff and down to the water fall. We all had a great time! Shout out to their parents who made it all the way from other states just to be there and cheer for them on their engagement session. I love their loving family so much!

Here are some amazing photos from their session. ENJOY!


A short film by Grand Studio Productions

Behind the Scenes:


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