Hey there, this is David!

 I was in your exact shoes...

Before I became a wedding photographer, my wife and I were planning our wedding. We were quickly get frustratedly by the search for the PERFECT photographer who could create AWESOME, UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC images while giving us COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND that we would have beautiful photographic memories to last us a lifetime. The stress and worry continued to build to the point we could not fully enjoy our planning process until we found our photographer.

I totally get it. 

Can we ease your mind a bit? The truth is, you will no longer have to go through what we went through. You are not alone because our team is here with you!

We will be there for you!

The Always Us Studios team came together with a sole purpose of capturing UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES and creating the most pleasant wedding experience for our couples. 


 when you choose Always Us Studios, you will not have to worry about wedding photography at all. 


Your wedding will not only look good, it will be full of real and unfiltered moments that feel like YOU.

Allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your wedding will be captured Intentionally, Authentically and Perfectly.

Our 3 simple - steps process

  • 01/


    It is more than just showing up and taking pictures or your wedding. Therefore, it is important for me to learn about YOU and what you are dreaming up! Let's chat:)

  • 02/


    We will chat with you to fully understand your Values, Needs and Wants. So that we can give you the best options for your wedding photography.

  • 03/


    We will strategically plan your wedding day with you so you can fully enjoy your wedding knowing it will be captured perfectly.

Meet The Team


Khoa aka The Cool Guy / Lead Videographer

 Even though, I am a mellow guy, I can crack a joke in unexpected situations:). I am passionate about videography, and love life, people and food! 


David aka The Goofie / Lead Photographer

Photography is a way to express my creative side and wild imagination. I am passionate about capturing the essence of all living things - love, people and nature. 


Van aka The Sweetie / Assistant Photographer

 I can either be the sweetest person or the crankiest person. JK! I just love hanging out with cool people, cooking and of course food!


Our Stories

David T

Few years ago, I got married to the most beautiful woman of my life, Van. She is a great person and a daughter of God. We got married at a classical, and local venue with the surrounding of great friends and family. 

A year after we got married, we adopted Blessie, a lab mixed, at a local shelter. She is playful, clingy and absolutely a handful:). We love her to the moon and back.

We love great foods and love to travel to meet new people at new places! Maybe one day, we will get to meet you at a place that we are going to. That'd be awesome, don't  you think?:)